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Covid-19 Special Bulletin

Hello Everyone, We are currently in an exceptional situation.

covidPetitThe guidelines that Health Authorities issue change quickly as the situation changes, and as you may have noticed, changes happen fast. Our elected officials, local, provincial and federal authorities make decisions based on science and on the recommendations of Public Health authorities.

Several questions have been raised about the movement of people from one region to another.

The authorities' response is clear: stay where you are! If you have already settled in your chalet, stay there. If you're in town, stay in town. Below is a press release from the MRCVG Prefect and one from the Provincial Government.

See below, two informative documents (click) :

Courage, everyone! We’ll get out of this if we don’t get out!

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Hi Neighbors, This is one happening community!
Congratulations and thanks to all the volunteers of La Voix
- Sandy Mackay

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